Parish History

The Mar Thoma Church of Los Angeles is the mother parish of St. Andrews Mar Thoma Church, Los Angeles. The new parish is located in the North West area of the Los Angeles City which is also known as San Fernando Valley. We were an area prayer group of the Mar Thoma Church of Los Angeles under the name “North Area”.

The area had a humble beginning with starting of a Sunday school under the guidance of Rev. David Daniel in September, 2001. Sunday school was a blessing and opportunity for the members to come together.

In the year 2003 a Holy Communion service was started in the area once a month. We remember with gratitude the encouragement and support received from the Vicar, Rev. Sunni E Mathew for the worship service. The Sunday school and worship service was a great blessing for the members to organize themselves and in the formation of the parish. We also remember the services of Rev. Noble V Jacob as Vicar of the parish.

Formation of New Parish : The Metropolitan and the Episcopal Synod of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar has accepted us as a Parish effective from 1st November, 2008 under a Kalpana dated September 18, 2008 and named the parish; “St.Andrews Mar Thoma Church, Los Angeles”. We, the members of the St. Andrews Mar Thoma Church, Los Angeles thank the Metropolitan and Episcopal Synod for their acceptance and encouragement.”