Vicar’s Message – March 2013

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Dearly beloved in Christ

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

We are in the lent days. Lent is a season for the cleansing and transformation of our lives. The days of lent are also used for meditation from the word of God. Let us examine our lives through the word of God. I would like to share a few thoughts from Psalms 51.All of us struggle with sin. Let us look in to the life of David. He sinned against god. His sin affected his whole person, his mind, ears and bones, heart and spirit, hand and limps.  David lost his joy, joy of salvation, David had no songs and no witness, “O lord open my lips and my mouth shall show forth your praise”. (V.15) If we sin we lose our song, we lose our praise and we lose our testimony. Such is the high cost of committing sin. Sin spreads like a disease. It not only robs your joys but it affects your witness to others. As long as you give room for sin in your lives your spiritual life will be ineffective.

How we can deal with our sins. We can cover our sins with our words. This is lying-deceiving others and ourselves and lying to Lord. Lies are darkness. Whereas God’s truth is light when we lie our character erodes. (Proverbs 28:13) When we cover our sins, we lose God’s light, fellowship and character. We can confess our sins, admit and judge them, agree with god about our sins. This involves the heart and will. Confession of sin is not a light matter. It involves the whole inner person. Confess any known sin and ask God to clean your heart. He wants to forgive you so he can restore fellowship with you. If we have sin in our lives we cannot have fellowship with God. Confession involves the mind, the emotions and the will. We should recognize that we are sinners by nature. The high cost of confessing sin is broken heart. If you come to god with a broken heart, and confess your sins, He will forgive you and restore you .Admit you are a sinner, say what is wrong and then come to Him and name it. Confess your sin only in the circle of those who influenced by it, individuals, or family. Real confession brings release, freedom forgiveness and a new beginning

Jesus is in heaven today as our advocate, as a lawyer before the Father. Abide in Him, love Him, and walk with Him in the light of His words. Avoid sin obey the word of God and maintain a prayer time with Him, make walking with the Lord a priority

May God Almighty Bless you

Yours in Christ
Saji Achen

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