Vicar’s Message – July 2013

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Dearly Beloved in Christ

Greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,

Let us thank Lord for His grace and mercy. This month’s message is based on Psalms.26:1-12. When you walk with integrity, you walk on a solid ground. When we have integrity we don’t have to afraid of sliding. I have walked in my integrity, I have also trusted in the Lord I shall not slip (v.1). Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do? Leaders often are blamed falsely. The Israelites blamed Moses for lack of water, bitter water enemy’s attacks and lack of food. In this psalm, David falsely is accused, so he takes four steps to deal with his slanderers

1) An honest examination:-Human nature does not want to admit it’s wrongs, but we need to examine ourselves. David walked in integrity. Integrity means wholeness of character; he also walked in faith without wavering. We find David open before God, walking in the light and letting God examine him. David’s life was motivated by and controlled by God’s love and truth and also David was faithful to God We would save ourselves a lot of trouble if we would let our Lord to examine us. He wants to teach uswhat we are really like. If we are right before God, it makes no differences what people say.

2) A holy separation: – In walking, standing and sitting he kept himself from evil. David hated sin but he loved the things of God. We must obey the biblical doctrine of Holy separation (2 Cor.6.14-18).

3) A happy celebration: – David washed his hands in innocence. He was cleansed by water and blood. He was concerned about praising, loving and glorify God. David sang songs of praise around the alter the place of sacrifice. The wicked came to the sanctuary to hide their sins; but David went to the sanctuary to worship God and bear witness to his grace and mercy. His hands were clean, his sacrifice was acceptable, and his voice was clear as he praise the Lord. Let us also sing songs of praise when we worship our Lord in the sanctuary. David is a good example for us to follow in our worships.

4) A humble determination: – David said as for me I will walk in my integrity. When a person has integrity, he has a great defense, a great shield; character is the great shield against the accusation of man. A good conscience gives us courage in times of difficulty.

The Christian defense is the grace of God, His words and His truth. Because of this we are able to walk. David’s foot stood in an even place. He was not standing alone. He was in the congregation.

People can hurt you with false accusation but you need not let slander defeat you, if you walk with integrity, your character will shield you. Keep yourself pure and avoid compromising situations. When someone slanders you, Gods grace, His word and His truth will protect you.

By the grace of our Lord I completed Twenty five years in my pastoral ministry. During these times I experienced the divine guidance and care. When I went through the shadow of death the Almighty protected me under His mighty wings. Please uphold us in your valuable prayers

May Almighty bless us all


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