Vicar’s Message – October 2013

Published October 8, 2013 by admin in Vicar's Message

Dearly beloved in Christ,

God makes everything beautiful in His time.  He causes everything to straighten out and line up according to His schedule. If we have problem in our life rely on God to resolve it. God has His own plan. He hears our prayers and sees our needs. He knows exactly what is going on. We cannot control the circumstances of life and avoid them; only our Lord can handle our circumstances. Don’t be like the wicked who makes false statement about God and defy His judgment. God does not turn deaf ears to our questions and problems. He is not inactive, He will accomplish His purpose in due time. As a Christian there is no need for wondering why God doesn’t act, commit yourself to the Lord and place your confidence in Him. In a difficult time Isaiah looked up and saw the Lord on His throne, high and lifted up. In the book of revelation, John saw the Lord on His throne and He gave him new courage. We cannot run away from our troubles. The only solution is not running away, it’s running to. It’s running to the throne of grace and finding grace to help in time of need.

Our tendency of course, is to take things in to our own hands this leads to difficult situations. Moses tried this approach, and it sends him to wilderness for forty years to learn how to trust God’s timing and method .Our Lord wants to deal us as children. Psalms 32.8 says “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go I will guide you with my eye on you”. He loves you He wants to work in you and through you and for you to bring about His best in your life. God loves you and want to guide you as His child. The way you live decides whether or not he can. God wants you to walk closely with Him so he may lead you in to new experiences and challenges

Let us learn to trust God’s methods and timing is a lifelong course, when you need to wait patiently for god to act, first look to Him and lay hold of His promises in the word of God, then rest in His care. He knows your situations and he keeps His word, and He will act the right time. Let us be an active witness where he has place us.


May God bless us all

With love and prayers


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